PTE Exam is one of the widely taken English language tests across the globe. PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English. It is a computer-based examination taken by candidates all over the world as the test is used as an admission criterion by the universities abroad. For countries like Australia, the PTE is also used for immigration. The test focuses on the day to day usage of the language to prepare and evaluate students to live and study in the English speaking countries. Here are some of the more details on PTE:

What is PTE?

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is an English language proficiency test, which is used as an eligibility criterion for admission process in universities all around the world. There are two formats of the PTE: PTE Academic Test and PTE General Test. Many applicants take PTE test for Australian Immigration process, too.

What differs PTE from other English language proficiency tests, is the scoring methods and the results. PTE declares the results in much smaller time duration than its close competitors that are IELTS and TOEFL. As the scoring done for the PTE tests are computerised, the results are much more accurate and quicker than other tests. This makes PTE test favourite among the students who are in a hurry.

Another advantage of PTE is that the computer-based examination focuses more on everyday English usage rather than high-level, complex English. It has a multi-level grading system, which provides a more accurate assessment of student’s proficiency in the English Language.

PTE Eligibility:

There are no such academic criteria for the PTE exam. The candidate, however, must be at least 16 years of age. If the candidate is between 16 and 17 years of age, there is a requirement of a letter from a parent or a guardian.

PTE Exam Pattern:

As mentioned before, the PTE has three modules mentioned below:

  1. Speaking and Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Listening

The time allotted to these sections is 77-93 minutes for PTE Speaking and Writing, 32-40 minutes for reading and 45-57 minutes for Listening. The total duration of a PTE exam is around 3 hours, which makes it one of the shorter language exams around.

PTE Registration:

To register for PTE, one has to create an account with Pearson and book for the exam. One has to submit their personal information, contact information, additional information and then in the final step, create the account. To schedule an exam, you will have to log in with your account on the Pearson website, and then book for the date and test centres near you.

PTE Preparation:

To prepare for the PTE, one has to understand the PTE syllabus and exam pattern to the fullest. Like the other English Language Tests, the preparation has to be done for all the modules of the modules for the language i.e. PTE Listening, PTE Reading, PTE Writing and PTE Speaking. One has to learn and understand the day to day use of the language. There is a wide range of materials available, both online and offline, to help students with the preparation.

PTE Exam Dates:

PTE Exams are available throughout the year all over the world. One has the flexibility to choose from the flexible dates provided by the PTE, at the nearest test centre to you. In most of the countries, one can appear for the tests as many as 360 days of the year. Unlike IELTS, PTE is a one-day exam and that too only with the duration of three hours. The slot availabilities for PTE will highly depend on the location of the candidate, the test centres they choose and the preference of the dates.

Generally, almost all the students do some same mistakes in the PTE, thus gets a low score. If you want to score good grades avoid these common mistakes.

PTE Syllabus:

The syllabus of PTE consists of the following aspects of the language. The Syllabus of Speaking and Writing consists of Personal Introduction, Essay, Summarize written text, Answer the short question and much more. The PTE reading section will consist of Fill in the blanks, Re-order paragraphs and other questions in the form of Multiple-choice questions. The PTE listening section has questions like Writing from dictation, highlight incorrect words, Fill the blanks, and Selecting the missing word. There are a number of other types of questions.

PTE Exam Fees

The exam Fees for the PTE change with the locations. Here is what PTE exam costs in different parts of the world:

Australia340 AUD
Canada300 CAD
China275 USD
France255 USD
Germany 231.34 USD
India13300 INR
Italy230 EUR
 New Zealand385 NZD


PTE Scores:

PTE scores are declared within 5 business days of the test, which is the USP of the examination. The scores for PTE are declared the fastest of all the English language tests taken worldwide. The scores of PTE have a range of 10 to 90 for all four modules. You can also choose some of the institutions to which you want to send your scores to.